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The history of Highfane is a blood-red path: from the first spear made of stone to the keen steel of today, Highfane knows strife, struggle, and hardships unending. Learn more of the highs and lows of Highfane’s history in the timeline.


Oest is a vast continent. Trudge through snow-harried Askingerland or blink at the sun in the smoldering Deniz Desert. Wander the untamed forests of the Cnoica or test your mettle on the barren hills of Leido’s Waste. The interactive map will take you there.


You will find extensive collections of books in the mystic places of Highfane, such as the Trollhouse in the city of Trollby, the Minnaschool in Bathrwic, or the Gruft in Trauwach. Explore these at your leisure, but be cautious: not all was meant to be known to mortal minds.

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