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Eadland (EAD-land) is an island in the Mothersea that lies off the western coast of Oest. The island is positioned between the cold southern reaches of Oest—Askingerland and Scallingerland—and the more temperate mainland and warmer north.


Eadland was first settled by the Alps, who were the first to build ships and brave the Mothersea to make the journey from Oest to Eadland. Their initial settlements in Eadland were ill fated: the winters were harsher than those of temperate Oest and the terrain more rugged. As such, the Alps came to believe that Eadland was a place of trials, made by the Wendel to test their kind. This conviction stuck, and stronger Alps and Gyta came to Eadland, eager to test their mettle against wilderness and Hidden Folk alike.

During the Unspoiled Age humans made their way to Eadland. First came the Ulder, who waged the First War against the Alps and the Gyta; second came the Stedda from mythical Semna in the south. The Stedda had superiority in arms and forces and drove the Alps, Gyta, and Ulder out of the Heartland and claimed it. Many of the cities founded by the Stedda in the Unspoiled Age still stand to this day.

When the Etter invaded Highfane, a rift opened in the north of Eadland. From this rift, known later as the Sar, came forth the Etter. They enslaved many Gyta and Ulder and nearly all Stedda. Alps they slaughtered on sight, for the Alps were immune to Etter corruption. For centuries, Eadland suffered under the yoke of Etter rule, although many of its wild reaches remained free. At length, the Etter withdrew from Highfane for unknown reasons. In their absence, the Ulder came down from hill, mountain, and forest to retake the rule of Eadland. Hateful of the Etter, the Ulder wrought injustices on the former slaves of the Etter, the Etterkin and Ettergyta: at best, they ostracized them; at worst, they persecuted them. However, new blood soon came to Eadland: the Sormans, driven from the continent by the Aedligs.

Slowly but steadily, the Sormans took control of Eadland. They assimilated many Ulder clans and drove those who resisted back into the wild reaches of Eadland. After conquering the Heartland of Eadland, the Sormans broke off into separate kingdoms with complex politics and rampant infighting, just as their Stedda ancestors before them.

Since the Sormans conquered Eadland, the Yslings have risen in the south and the Gaufolk in the east. The Yslings and Gaufolk, both mighty and numerous, are on the precipice of open war. Eadland, weak and divided, lies between them, and the eye of would-be conquerors has fallen on the strategically positioned island and its resources.

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Eadland is a vast island; its geography is varied. To the north, west, and south, the island is mainly mountainous. There are few beaches and many cliffs. The eastern coast of the island—which is the coast nearest Oest—is flatter with many inlets, bights, and firths. The mountain ranges to the north, west, and south are all expansive and transition into foothills and—usually pine—forests before finally leveling and turning to richer soil. As such, Eadland appears to be hemmed in by mountain ranges in a rough ‘C’-shape, with the area between them—known as the Heartland—most suitable for agriculture and permanent habitation. However, the mountains, hills, and forests provide a wealth of game and pastures and are well suited for habitation in smaller numbers or by nomadic tribes and clans.

Many rivers flow from the mountains through the Heartland before emptying out in the Mothersea. This makes the soil rich. However, due to the mountains, Eadland sees a lot of rain and is generally colder than other areas at the same latitude. This impedes agriculture somewhat. Due to its wet climate, Eadland has varying terrain; there are fens, marches, bogs, plains, meadows, forests, and all life that comes with them.

Off the northern and western coasts of Eadland lie many islands. Largest of these is Wendscar, nearly half the size of Eadland itself. Many of these islands are rocky and unsuited for agriculture. However, the sea is rich in bounty, and the larger islands invariably have some terrain suited for crops. Off the southern coast of Eadland lie several islands as well. These are relatively large and fertile. Many are inhabited. Due to their proximity to Askingerland and Scallingerland, these islands see frequent Ysling raids or are home to Ysling settlements.


The climate in Eadland is wet and cool. Spring and autumn see much rain, while summer is cool and winter icy. Snow falls early in winter, sometimes late in fall, and doesn’t often melt until halfway into spring. The sky is usually cloudy, even on midsummer days. It’s hard to predict when the rain falls, but the clouds gathered over Eadland are often dark and threatening. Out to sea, thunderstorms are a regular occurrence.


Bathrwic: formerly known as Etterby, the southern city of Bathrwic is the capital of the kingdom of Sorryk. Bathrwic is home to many mystics and mages.

Brennawic: a northern city, built where the rivers Rotstrom and Brenningfluwa meet. Brennawic is the capital of the kingdom of Amsryk.

Elvoy: a major inland trade hub built on an island in the River Fluwaling. Elvoy is the capital of the kingdom of Fluwaryk.

Mistanfyrd: a sprawling city built on the banks of the River Mistan. Mistanfyrd is the capital of the kingdom of Tyning.

Norhaven: the second largest city of Eadland after Sorwic and capital of the kingdom of Kjelre. Most trade between Eadland and the northern Gaus of the Gaurik goes through Norhaven.

Noensingard: a fortress city built to overlook the Sar. It is the capital of the kingdom of Sargard, whose kings have taken it upon themselves to be vigilant for the return of the Etter.

Sorwic: by far the largest city in Eadland and capital of the kingdom of Osryk. Sorwic is situated on the coast where the river Fluwaling—which flows from northwest to southeast Eadland—empties out into the Mothersea. Most trade with the southern Gaus of the Gaurik and the Yslings goes through Sorwic.

Trethoyd: a walled logging town in the kingdom of Amsryk that straddles the Cnoica.

Trollby: a walled city in the kingdom of Kjelre that is home to the Trollhouse, a college of mages.


Eadland map
Type Island
Demonym Eadlander(s)
Location Mothersea
Ruler Varied
Common races
  • Sormans
  • Ulder
  • Wodegyte
  • Fellgyta
  • Wodewose
  • Bergwose
  • Lobs
Places of interest
  • Bathrwic (Sorryk)
  • Brennawic (Amsryk)
  • the Cnoica
  • Elvoy (Fluwaryk)
  • the Heartland
  • Mistanfyrd (Tyning)
  • Norhaven (Kjelre)
  • Noensingard (Sargard)
  • Sorwic (Osryk)
  • Tandbergen
  • Trethoyd (Amsryk)
  • Trollby (Kjelre)
  • the Vilmark
  • Wendelcairns

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