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A never-ending universe

Have you ever wanted a story to go on, to never end?
Not just a tale to spark your imagination, but a whole living, breathing world to make it blaze and rage like wildfire? A universe where you are more than an observer; a universe that asks what you would be and what you would do?

Let's try something new

Highfane is an ever-evolving universe that you can be a part of. Here you will find an epic fantasy tale, a complete role-playing campaign to make your own saga for your table-top game at home, beautiful art, expansive lore, and a platform to discuss Highfane and participate in its never-ending story. And the best thing is that we will keep updating and delivering content to your heart’s content.
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Live the story you love and immerse yourself in Highfane by using our role-playing modules for your table-top game at home. As you progress through the story, you will find a get campaign setting and adventure book, including new classes, races, and dozens of breathtaking and exciting locations Make sure to check out the Role-Playing Rules for the System Reference Document.

So, what do you think?

Start reading now or download your first free rpg-module! If you like what you see, join us and start your own adventure in Highfane.