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The concept explained


A never-ending universe

Have you ever wanted a story to go on, to never end?
Not just a tale to spark your imagination, but a whole living, breathing world to make it blaze and rage like wildfire? A universe where you are more than an observer; a universe that asks what you would be and what you would do?

Let's try something new

Highfane is an ever-evolving universe that you can be a part of. Here you will find an epic fantasy tale, a complete role-playing campaign to make your own saga for your table-top game at home, beautiful art, expansive lore, and a platform to discuss Highfane and participate in its never-ending story. And the best thing is that we will keep updating and delivering content to your heart’s content.
Unlock role-playing modules by reading


Live the story you love and immerse yourself in Highfane by using our role-playing modules for your table-top game at home. As you progress through the story, you will unlock a complete campaign setting and adventure book, including new classes, races, and dozens of breathtaking and exciting locations Make sure to check out the Role-Playing Rules for the System Reference Document.

Be part of it

Become a member of Highfane and get access to all of the universe’s content. What’s more, you get to create a character: your own avatar in the world. As you progress through the story, your character will level up and unlock collectibles, lore, and artwork. You will also be able to keep track of events in Highfane through the interactive map and discuss the story with others on the forum.


Join our community as it grows. Showcase your talent by participating in fan fiction contests and drawing contests; your work might even become part of Highfane’s vast collection of lore. Or just chat with others about the story, participate in polls to tell us where you’d like the story to go next, or make friends to play the role-playing modules with.

So, what do you think?

Start reading now to unlock your first free rpg-module! If you like what you see, join us and start your own adventure in Highfane.